Free Common Negative Keyword Lists


Negative keywords are a type of keyword that prevents your ad from showing to a user who has included that word or phrase in their query. These keywords are often over looked because in order to add them, you must first find them. A little time invested into the research of negative keywords can help you save advertising dollars and reach a more relevant audience. One of the most common negative keywords is “free”.

Normally, the best way to discover new negative keywords is to understand what keywords are triggering your ad that you would prefer not. The best way to do this is review your search terms. Keep in mind that your negative keywords can be set-up at the campaign or ad group level.


Your Free Common Keyword Lists

Click the image below to download my list of over 300 common negative keywords that are compatible with most Google Ads campaigns. These keywords range from travel to materials. Feel free to tweak this list as it works best for you.

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