Google Ads Conversion Rates By Industry

Today, WordStream released its annual look at Google Ads conversation rates by industries. This report of industry standards is used widely by people continuing to learn and understand how they compare to competitors in their market. WordStream also provides a CTR and CPC report as well that shows median numbers that they’ve seen across multiple Google Ads accounts.

Although this data is interesting to look at, you must always take it with a grain of salt. For most industries and individual account metrics, there’s so much to take into consideration when creating a “standard” across an entire industry.

Take “auto” for example. Manufacturers have different goals than dealers and both are completely different than aftermarket service and accessory businesses. Not only that, but “industry” is such an overly broad definition as to be useless in many cases.

My assertion is that without clear apples-to-apples definitions of conversions, attribution, etc., and much more granular breakouts of verticals, this data is can sometimes be largely useless. Even for directional trends, it is an average that could be skewed based on many factors. When used in combination with your own historical data, these types of reports can help you to measure your success.

Hence to take all data with a grain of salt. My intent behind sharing data like this with other marketers is based mostly for your client response. Some clients are going to find this article and bring it up to you with questions like:

  • “Why isn’t my conversion rate this high?”
  • “Why are we not hitting industry standards?”
  • “Do I fall under consumer services or technology?”
  • “What does technology even mean!?”

So it’s worth knowing it’s out there and what it says ahead of time. With that said below are the numbers you’re probably here for! Enjoy the conversation rates with a grain of salt.


Here are the numbers for Google Ads conversion rates by industry for Search and Display:

Image Source: WordStream

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