Google Ads Still Under Review?

Yesterday, I received an email from a reader who wanted to know why his Google Ads ad was still in an under review status for more than a week:

Why are my ads still under review? It’s been 3 to 5 days since I’ve created/activated them? I see nothing wrong with the ads.


Can’t Advertise Guy

This is an issue I’ve run into many times before. Google’s ads are notorious for having an inconsistent review process no matter the ad types. But what can you do to help the process along?

Why are my ads still under review?

You can expect to see a variable amount of review time depending on the content of your ad. For topics that are sensitive in nature (such as use of trademarks), you can generally expect a slightly longer turnaround time on your reviews.

Regardless, Google tries their best to keep within a 1-3 business days resolution to ad reviews. It may have been that you submitted your ads right before the weekend, which would explain your longer wait time.

In the future, you can do the following things to mitigate the effect of ad reviews to your overall account:

  • Have general, backup ads in your Campaign/Ad Groups that you can run in case your main ads are under review. A lot of e-commerce advertisers have a general ad without any price points in it to run when specifically priced ads are under review.
  • Ensure that you are not editing the ads during the review process. Editing the ad will start the review process over.
  • Consider making new ads instead of editing existing, approved ads. This allows the existing ad to run while the new ones are being reviewed.

If you’re encountering a longer review period past the expected 3 business day time frame, I highly recommend reaching out to support to have the issue resolved. In my experience, a support representative can quickly push your ads to an approved status while on the phone with you.

Most importantly, don’t feel you are being picked on as this is very common among Google Ads advertisers. It is important to understand that it is Google’s reputation/image on the line with regards to what ads they show so they have to ensure only clean, relevant and presentable ads are displayed to their users.

It is frustrating when you have a business to run but patience is needed unfortunately, hopefully they are approved soon!

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