How to Lower Brand Keywords CPC

Recently, I’ve noticed that some of my competitors have started to increase their presence for my brand keywords in Google Ads, causing my avg. CPC to skyrocket. I started to work through some solutions on how I could start to lower my avg. CPC and decided to share my experience.


A couple of ways I approached it:

  1. At first, I came to the conclusion that I can’t do anything about it. Unfortunately, I am not in control of my competitors’ campaign and strategy, so my options at this point are limited. Something that gave me comfort though was knowing my brand and ad rank is naturally going to be higher because of the optimized experience. Because of that experience, I know that I’m paying less than my competitors are for my brand.

  2. Then I tried decreasing my bid, slowly in a stair step format, little by little. You might decrease your average position a bit or your impression share but if your avg position is 1.2 or lower and impression share is 90%+ you’ll be fine. It’ll cause your competitors to lower their bids eventually if they’re using automated bidding or have a campaign manager who’s on top of it.

  3. This strategy is risky and may or may not pay off. I call it shocking the system. Triple your bids and let it ride for a few days then drop to 10% lower than the bids before the rise. Best done at the beginning of the month. It’ll cause your competitors to run through their budget. You’ll see a hit too but not as bad as those who bid on you. Again. It’s risky and I don’t suggest doing this often or even a first or second choice. It’ll also help you determine what your closet competitors max bid is.

Keep in mind too that competitors may appear with your brand because they are using broad or phrase match.

Example: if you run a coffee shop and your brand name is “My Delicious Coffee Shop” someone could be bidding on “coffee shop” and that’s why they’re appearing. I have that issue with the brands I work with.

When you have your product name in the brand name and your competitors bid on the product name (not the brand) their ad can sometimes appear. The best way to avoid this is to not name your product in your brand name. Although this goes against some SEO advice, it can save you a headache in the long run with advertising.

Try to figure out why they’re appearing first before you go into any aggressive strategies to get them off your back. Most times you can’t do anything about it. If you’re in the game long enough, you’ll realize that costs always go up. It’s like economic inflation. Google has a massive ad economy and like the economy you’ll almost always see costs go up not contract. Just part of the game.


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