Katina’s Heavenly Treats

Katina’s Heavenly Treats, a beloved bakery and small business, approached me with a challenge: to enhance the functionality of their existing website and create brand they could be proud of. Together, we embarked on a journey to create a digital storefront and company logo that catered to both their loyal customers and potential newcomers.


Our task was to design a website and logo that seamlessly served the needs of both returning and new customers.


We began by crafting a logo and brand identity that spoke to the owners idea passion for pastries! From there, we developed a tailored website to meet the needs of receiving customer orders and showcasing products and services within a single website.


The newly designed website empowered Katina’s Heavenly Treats to efficiently manage customer orders and provided renters with a convenient platform for transactions. Since its launch, Katinas Heavenly Treats has experienced a notable increase in orders conversions, helping to grow the businesses footprint.